No. At the present time, we have over 5,000 World War II veterans alone in the San Antonio and surrounding area, and many have not had the opportunity to travel to visit THEIR memorials. Also, it is doubtful that we will get to every deserving veteran in time. Many deserving veterans have passed away while patiently waiting their turn. Hundreds more will not live long enough to visit their precious memorials. Imagine how long the waiting list would be if we added non-veteran spouses to our waiting list. The only spouses who are permitted to go are those who are veterans themselves.

Another concern is from a liability standpoint. Most spouses are about the same age as the veteran traveling and we cannot be responsible for, nor are there any waivers allowing, spouses to travel with us. Again, the only spouses who are permitted to go are those who are veterans themselves, and they will be traveling with an assigned guardian.

Honor Flight San Antonio (HF SAdV) welcomes any eligible, and physically able family member; with the exception of spouses. The normal nationwide ratio is 3 veterans to 1 guardian; however we operate under a different policy. Our TOP priority is the safe travel of ALL the veterans. HF SAdV strives for a 1 to 1 ratio which, in our opinion, ensures a safe trip for the veteran and the guardian. We ensure every veteran has a wheelchair available, regardless of their physical abilities. This provides safe and efficient travel around all the memorials and monuments visited.

Who will or will not serve as a guardian, and how many guardians will be needed, is the sole responsibility of the Honor Flight management team. That decision is based upon many factors, such as:

  • Which guardian applicants are most qualified? Medically trained, active duty military personnel and veterans who have previously participated in a flight are given top priority and serve as leadership members. The applicants physically capable of assisting in the lifting of veterans are also a top priority. Once it is determined enough of those positions have been filled, other applicants are then considered. Again, these decisions rest solely with the management team.

Honor Flight Network and Honor Flight San Antonio gratefully accept donations from anyone EXCEPT veterans. We feel that all our veterans have given enough. This is our way of saying “Thank You”! Visit our “DONATE” tab to give a generous donation to Honor Flight San Antonio.

WHEELCHAIRS — 100% of the veterans we have transported visited THEIR memorials in wheelchairs; this is primarily for their safety. Our deluxe motor coaches are ordered based upon this fact, and all of the coaches we use are equipped with wheelchair lifts. We provide wheelchairs, except motorized wheelchairs, from our gathering and departure from San Antonio International Airport until our return home. Veterans that permanently require the use of self-propelled wheelchairs are asked to be prepared to leave their wheelchair with family or friends at the airport. Those veterans with a motorized wheelchair will be transported in that wheelchair at all times, and will always be accompanied by a guardian.

OXYGEN — If a veteran requires oxygen a prescription for the oxygen must be provided by the veteran’s healthcare provider, also identifying the delivery method (mask or nasal cannula), frequency (‘as needed’ or ‘continuously’), and the rate of delivery (2-3 liters per minute, etc). Honor Flight, in conjunction with the airline, will provide an FAA-approved oxygen concentrator for use during the trip if local oxygen equipment is not available. We also provide oxygen cylinders to be used upon arrival in D.C. An overnight concentrator will be provided for use in the hotel room during our overnight stay. Veterans on oxygen are required to have oxygen cylinders available from their home to the airport and also on the return from the airport back to their homes. No oxygen cylinders are permitted to be used on the aircraft.

If oxygen is required it is the veterans or family’s responsibility to make Honor Flight San Antonio aware of this need, and to ensure the required information is readily available (entered on the application and through follow-up communications). Unfortunately, any veteran not complying with these (advance notice) requirements will not be able to travel because of the time required to make the necessary arrangements with Honor Flight team members in the Washington, D.C. area.


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